Jim has directed voice talent in thousands of radio commercials.
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Find your unique voice

After many years as both a voice talent and a director, I have learned that every person with talent is unique. So every person with talent deserves a coach who understands the unique nature of that talent.  I offer a two-step approach: first, discover what works for you and help you do more of it. Second, find out how your talent relates to what the industry wants. By matching your talent to the market, you'll maximize your chances of success.


There are lots of good options for helping you to put together your first voiceover demo. And there are lots more that are not so good. It helps to determine exactly what the purpose of an initial demo is so you don’t waste time and money.

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Remote Coaching: Professional, thorough, intensely personal.

If you are currently limiting your contact with the public, I offer private coaching online. It's not mandatory for you to have a home studio, just an ability to connect via Zoom or Skype. We can work together remotely up to the point where your demo is produced. For the demo we will need studio-quality audio. We can discuss this at the time it is needed. 

Private Coaching

Jim has been the voice talent for commercials, corporate imaging, narration and information.

This is complete, personalized voice-over training. It starts with where you are – beginner or professional – and helps you discover what you can contribute to the voice-over business. Through recording, listening, and refining, we learn what sets you apart. If and when you’re ready, I produce a professional voice-over demo that will serve as your calling card to the industry. HOURS: MONDAY - THURSDAY, 9:30 to 5:00; FRIDAY, 9:30 to noon.



Free Introductory Consultation

This free conversation is for those of you who haven't started training with me. Learn about the voiceover industry: what it takes, how it works, what the markets are looking for. Voiceover is a business offering a wide variety of opportunities. In an hour you'll learn what the industry is all about and how you'll need to prepare to qualify for its challenges. See "Private Coaching" above for business hours.

To request a free introductory consultation, go to my Contact page.



Workshops and Seminars


Beginners Workshop (8 weeks)


TO BE OFFERED ONLINE ONLY. This is an eight-week workshop that will meet once a week for two hours. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.

Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM, start date to be announced.

This popular workshop provides hands-on experience with all the basics of voiceover including performance techniques, personal expression, and building confidence. You'll explore all the major categories of voiceover in a safe, personalized environment. 


After eight weeks you'll have an unforgettable voiceover training experience.  You'll have a fair idea of what your strengths are – enough to decide whether voiceover is something you’d like to do, or walk away from.  Either way, I promise you’ll get value from the program. 

$450 – LIMIT 8